Bal Group

BAL Group (formally Birmingham Aluminium) is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of aluminium extrusion and multi-metal components. BAL group have been Gateway’s source for heatsinks for a number of years, offering PCB and LED heat sinks at competitive prices.

BAL group offer a fully integrated supply including: design, manufacture, finishing, assembly which combined with Gateway’s service and next day delivery capabilities make BAL products an excellent solution to customers thermal management requirements.

As a global supplier, the group recognises the need to offer thermal solutions which include the design of custom profiles to meet its customers exact requirements for thermal performance and cost effectiveness. In order to achieve this, BAL Group can physically test heatsinks within a range of ambient temperatures, using either dummy loads or stand-alone devices such as LED Light Engines.

After testing they can produce a data sheet which allows our customers to have the confidence that the choice of heatsink, or custom designed profile, is suitable for the specific device.

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