21 Years of no non-conformances, whatever the scope!

21 Years  of no non-conformances, whatever the scope!

For many years at Gateway we have offered value added services to our customers based on their drawings and requirements, but recently, as the skills and size of our technical team have grown we been able to get involved in assisting customers with redesigns or finding bespoke solutions to real world problems. 

Realising that we needed our quality scope to match our capabilities as part of our continuous improvement, this year we have undertaken a detailed two-day ISO recertification audit with United Registrar of Systems (URS) to cover all the areas of our design and manufacturing services and are pleased to say that we continue to have no non-conformities.

Our new scope is : Design, Manufacture, Procurement, Stockholding, Sales and Distribution of Electronic Components, Assemblies and Proprietary Products.


Technical Director Josh Bailey, says “This new scope shows our commitment to meeting our customers demands and ensuring our expansion is built on our robust quality system”


If you would like a copy of our new certificate for your files please follow the link here