Components and service support for Ventilator manufacturing

Moreover, as the UK’s largest provider of ferrite cores and accessories, the company can support rapid turnaround builds of custom ferrite cores and other components from its UK based machine shop. The machine shop was established three years ago to provide a UK-based resource to meet the needs for prototype design and build, without the need for prohibitive tooling costs and highly extended manufacturing leadtimes.

The machine shop has extensive expertise in the design and manufacture of ferrites used in various applications such as:

  • • Hall effect sensors used for proximity, positioning, speed detection and current sensing
  • • Tuned inductors used in resonant circuits
  • • High frequency transformers for switch mode power supplies
  • • Tuned Antennae
  • • Planar designs
  • • Chokes for single and three phase applications
  • • Distributed air gapped cores designed to increase power densities

Distributed air gapped cores designed to increase power densities

Our machine shop is currently operating on a 10-hour shift pattern and therefore has capacity to more than double its output. We have highly skilled engineers and technicians. We have extensive CAD and tool plotting skillsets for CNC and NC machine centres and 3D printers. We also have a culture of Cando.

In these challenging times the team at Gateway are here to help; at short notice; skilled, resourceful, willing and able.

For technical support we are also able to offer video conferencing with our staff to ensure that, as far as possible and following Government guidelines, our business is there to continue to support our customers.

To make contact with us call 01270 615999 or email