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Do you struggle getting internet connection?

Do you struggle getting internet connection?

Do you work from home?

Is there more than one person in your household that requires fast internet and there isn’t enough to go around?

Do you live in a remote area or are you struggling with a poor internet speeds?

Look no further!

Gateway can provide a remote and dedicated internet solution just for you!

Case Study:

Daniel lives with his wife and his two older children. Due to the current pandemic, all members of the household have been requested to work remotely from home. Daniels current internet connection is already slow, intermittent and only works in one room of the house.

Daniel contacted his internet service provider (ISP) to try and enhance the speed of his connection, however Daniel lives in a small village that was built in the 60’s, this means that even though the ISP has supplied fibre to his local exchange, the line between the exchange and his house is very old and can only handle up to 30Mbps, to replace this cable is very time consuming and costly for the ISP and so this is Daniels maximum available speed.

Daniels main phone line is situated in his front room, whilst his office is at the back of the house and his wife’s office is at the bottom of the garden. This meant that Daniel was forced to connect to his router using Wi-Fi and his wife was unable to gain an internet connection. The Wi-Fi connection was also being used by his two children who were streaming the latest blockbuster on Netflix and so Daniel found his connection became overcrowded and extremely slow.

Something had to be done to resolve the issue and that’s when Daniel contacted Gateway.

As we are technical specialists, we knew just the product that would solve this problem making the self-isolation and working from home process much simpler. We provided the family with 2 Teltonika routers.

The RUT240 is an 4G (LTE/Cat 4) router with speeds up to 150 Mbps, it uses the 4G (LTE) mobile network to provide a data connection via any data enabled SIM card. These routers will accept a pay as you go or pay monthly SIM card from all major network providers in the UK, the SIM card needs to be 4G enabled and must have an active data plan or credit plan.

Daniel received the routers and set one up in his back office, he positioned the router under his desk and plugged his computer directly into the LAN port which ensured he was receiving the fastest possible connection, he also connected his tablet computer over Wi-Fi. The second router was setup in his wife’s office at the bottom of the garden, this provided a Wi-Fi access point between his house and garden which was great for the summer nights sat in the garden.

Using the Teltonika solution allowed Daniel to access speeds of 80Mbps in both his and his wife’s office on dedicated networks. This allowed his children to continue streaming HD video content without impacting his or his wife’s work. This provided a solution to the limitations of speed imposed by the current ISP and allowed Daniel to cancel his contract with his current ISP and use one of the Teltonika routers as his main router for the house, this saved Daniel a considerable amount of money as he was able to access another Sim card on his current mobile phone provider at a very competitive rate.

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