Roadmap – Driving you to the right Ferroxcube Material

Roadmap – Driving you to the right Ferroxcube Material

Through continued development, Ferroxcube have released a new materials roadmap.

Ferroxcube, a leading manufacturer of ferrite material has issued its new materials roadmap.

Building upon industry standard materials such as 3C90 and 3F3 Ferroxcube have continued to develop new materials designed to reduce footprints, increase thermal performance and reduce losses. With 7 new materials on offer including 3C92, 3C95, 3C96, 3C97, 3C98, 3C92A, and 3C95A Ferroxcube are now advising customers to specify these new materials for new designs.

Gateway are well positioned to support customers with the transition from the legacy products to the new materials offering technical expertise and samples quantities.



ferroxcube roadmap key

ferroxcube roadmap

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