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Thank You NHS!

Thank You NHS!


 COVID-19 has seen businesses across the country face extraordinary challenges, most of all our wonderful NHS. Gateway Electronic Components has stepped up their additive manufacturing capacity by 500% to produce face shields for the NHS. 

The Machine Shop team are working around the clock to maximise both the capacity of our day to day ferrite machining and also ensure the printers continue to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Gateway has also launched a campaign to utilise 3D printers within the local community to further expand its capabilities which has seen deliveries from a further 9 printers over the past 2 weeks. This combined effort has allowed us to produce and assemble over 300 shields per week. 

Gateway purchased over 50 kg of filament (enough for 1-2k units) which Is being used in it’s in house production and being supplied to the local community free of charge. The elastic and shield material have been supplied through 3D Crowd UK and Woodford CNC Machining.

Every piece part runs through a stringent disinfectant process and assembly takes place under strict guidelines to ensure the shields are free from contamination. The units are delivered using one of Gateways drivers and via Fedex for orders out of the locality.

We are using our personal delivery driver that is transporting the shields where needed and requested throughout the North West following all necessary precautions that needs to be taken.

Gateway prides itself on its CanDo attitude and are proud to support our NHS. If you share the CanDo spirit and would like to help with manufacturing these masks or you have a 3D printer, please call Josh Bailey on 01270 615 999 or email nhs@gatewaycando.com .

We are especially thankful to all of the contributors and volunteers below who’s response has been overwhelming:


  • Paul Livingston -Supplying face shields
  • Woodford CNC Maching - http://www.w-cncmachining.co.uk/
  • Rob Brookes – Purchased 3D printer to support our production - Celsius Group - www.celsius-group.co.uk
  • Phil Preece – Purchased 3D printer to support our production
  • Tom Appleby – Loaned 3D printer to support our production - Shift - http://www.shift-digital.co.uk/
  • David Cole – Brine Leas Academy – Loaned 3D Printer to support production
  • Candice Rowe – Loaned 3D printer to support our production

3D Printing Volunteers

  • Paul Dutton – Community 3D print volunteer
  • Bill Tomlinson - Community 3D print volunteer
  • Daniel Williamson - Community 3D print volunteer
  • Jonathan Sayer – Leighton Academy - 3D print volunteer
  • Eddy Passmore - Community 3D print volunteer
  • Haydn Nord – Community 3D print volunteer
  • Mike Richardson – Community 3D print volunteer
  • Simon Young – Community 3D print volunteer
  • Richard Edwards – Community 3D print volunteer
  • Steve Van-Russelt – Community 3D print volunteer
  • John Dickenson – Community 3D print volunteer

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