The all NEW PFC Tray from TDK!

The all NEW PFC Tray from TDK!

PFC not only stands for Power Factor Correction, it can stand for Precise, user-Friendly and Cost-effective technology brought to us by TDK in the all new PFC module.

TDK’s new PFC Tray range, offer easy to install, pre-wired subassemblies which are scalable to suit your reactive power compensation needs. The units come in ready-to-use modules for integration into power distribution panels, they come equipped with a 7% detuning reactor to assist in avoiding any resonance in polluted grids.


The units come fitted with TDK’s high quality power capacitors (which utilize EPCOS MKK-Technology) that provide life times of up to 200 000h.The unit comes with a 3-phase switch fuse unit included and copper busbar! The units have contactors with pre-charging resistors (AC6b utilization category), the modules are also designed to allow for easy expansion to increase reactive power output to suit your requirements.

Safety is paramount. All capacitors have a triple safety system. Capacitor duty contactors that use the AC6b utilization category all include a damping resistor along with low loss detuning reactors with integrated temperature sensors. The whole module would also include a safe disconnection through 3 pole switch unit.


Total cost of ownership advantages are that there is a high level standardization and easy installation and maintenance. The standardization of parts helps keep inventory costs down and provides a low mean time to repair, this all culminates to help reduce logistics.. All modules are 100% tested before leaving the factory to provide you with the assurance you need from your power factor correction!

Part Number  Reactive Power Voltage Rating Detuning Reactor 
B44066M7150E415N1 PFC Rack 1x50kvar  415V 7%
B44066M7299E415N1 PFC Rack 2x50kvar  415V  7% 
B44066M7125E415N1  PFC Rack 1x25kvar  415V  7% 
 B44066M7250E415N1   PFC Rack 2x25kvar   415V   7% 

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