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Cloud-G8 / Sim-G8


A complete modular platform for IoT Connectivity

Cloud-G8 is an online cloud platform that allows users to display, interact and respond to real world datapoints from anywhere in the world. The system is centred around dashboards and providing easy to read visuals, that help keep the user informed across single devices or a fleet of 1000’s of devices. The intelligent rules engine and reporting features remove the need for mundane tasks and provides a mechanism for preventative maintenance and responsive control to key data points. The system is scalable from a single device up to 100,000’s of devices and is fully mobile compliant.
We offer a range of hardware to support the translation from real world data to cloud intelligence, supporting standard off the shelf products to completely bespoke builds incorporating WiFi and Cellular technologies.


Dashboards feature throughout Cloud-G8 and can be created against individual devices or against a fleet of devices. The fleet dashboards can be created across multiple tabs to provide the user with key data points at the click of a button. The dashboards are designed to provide a visual representation of the live data stream, we utilise a widget-based system that allows users to quickly add new visuals for data points which interact with the data that is being received. The dashboard provides two-way communication and allows users to manually intervene and trigger downlinks through the dashboard system. All dashboards are mobile compliant! Widgets include:

  • Boolean – Display a Boolean value with conditional formatting based on the state
  • Charts – Show data as a line chart, supports multi data points
  • Headings – Display a Heading to help keep the layout clean
  • Histogram – Show data as a histogram
  • Map – Shows location data on a map-based widget – See location Tracking
  • Text – Display hard coded text values to keep the layout clean
  • Value – Display the latest received value, also supports Gauges to provide visual feedback
  • Switch – Create a switch to trigger downlinks as a toggle switch
  • Slider – Create a slider to write to fields
  • Downlinks – Create a button to trigger downlinks as a momentary switch
  • Image – Displays static images
  • Image Map – Displays interactive diagrams to help with floor plans
  • iFrame – Display an iframe within the dashboard


Each dashboard can be used to generate a QR code and a public link, which can be password protected. This allows users to share dashboards within the public domain and restrict these links to read only or read/write access. This is useful for fleet deployments and where sharing data company wide is a key requirement.


The dashboard can overlay location data on a map. This provides real time data and can also show historical data to provide a timeline of location points. The map provides a scrollable date feature which allow you to cycle through each day to see the location points that have been received for that day. On fleet management dashboard, the map also allows you to select an individual device based on it’s location and show the device dashboard within the map widget.


To support the live data visuals within the dashboard we also provide a reports module. This allows users to generate periodic reports of the data from your devices. The extensive reporting module allows you to produce reports per device or across a fleet of devices, using groups, day or name, these reports can be combined into one file or reported on separate files. Reports are then automatically generated within a set timeframe (hourly, daily, weekly) to allow the user to download them, alternatively they can be automatically emailed.


Downlinks form a key part of the Bi-directional communication and allows the users to interact with hardware via the dashboard platform. Downlinks can be triggered manually via a button in the dashboard system or automatically using the Intelligent rules engine.
Downlinks can be integrated to override scheduled data publishes to the dashboard and gain live data, provide an instruction back to the device and trigger key functionality remotely.
When combined with the intelligent rules engine the downlink functionality can create an automated response to quickly act on key data points.


The intelligent rules engine provides users with an intelligent assistant to react to key datapoints at device or fleet level. Users can create rule sets that define how to handle fault or high-risk scenarios, these will automatically trigger based on the values of key datapoints.

  • Send notifications and alerts via SMS or email
  • Call external services via a webhook
  • Call a downlink to trigger a hardware response


A SIM service tailor made just for you!

SIM-G8 is a scalable SIM solution which allows for easy fleet management, monitoring as well as complete flexibility in its data bundles. It is aimed towards industrial applications that need the flexibility to connect to any network operator thus ensuring their product/project remains operational and able to communicate at all times.


When deploying remote cellular IoT solutions you need to be able to ensure that devices are working as intended without physically being able to test them, and should an error occur you need to have a method of fault finding with some level of recovery to get the device back operating as intended.


From the portal you can see an overview of all your activated SIMs any current data sessions, top data users and much more ! as well as this you can monitor each individual SIM and see when its last active date was and what network the SIM connected to last. And should an IoT device go offline you can communicate with the SIMs directly via the portal allowing you to run a diagnostics and should the SIM be experiencing connection issues run some basic solutions to get the SIM connected again.


Once you’ve deployed your IoT solution you need to keep on top of data usage to ensure that costs don’t begin to mount, the portals reports screen is the perfect tool for the job. It provides real time session usage updates, this allows you to capture any spikes in data usage before they begin to exceed data inclusions. Reports will provide you data such as data usage on specific dates, amount of data used by individual SIMs in the time frame specified (this is especially useful as it allows you to spot any potential faults where a device is sending data packets to frequently due to a bug in programming etc). It will also show you the data usage of specific packages and this helps you monitor you overall usage and adjust your package data limits to be more cost effective!

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