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Design Tools


TDK’s magnetic design tool supports product selection and simulation of the performance of TDK and EPCOS ferrite cores and materials. Here, you'll find calculation software and libraries for various simulation programs. Including ferrite material comparisons of both TDK and EPCOS materials, core calculations of all the available geometries and an export function which allows you to open the results in excel.



Ferroxcube software design tool (SFDT 2010) assists design engineers in optimizing their magnetics components. Targeted to specific applications, each software package offers a core selection routine and contains online Help to guide design engineers through the selection and optimization process.

Additonal references are inc luded to assist with more involved designs.



Inductor Design

Featuring Magnetics Kool Mµ®, MPP, High Flux, and XFLUX™ powder cores, this design utility aids in core selection for DC output inductors, input chokes, PFC (Power Factor Correction) inductors, high current inductors, and other energy storage devices. Design inputs include DC current, ripple current, full load and no load inductances, and more. Designs are simulated and modeled while providing the designer with complete wound core dimensions, estimated core and copper losses, temperature rise, and more. In addition to toroid shapes, an expanded range of material shapes are included such as Kool Mµ E Cores, Kool Mµ U Cores, and Kool Mµ segmented toroids.


Common Mode Filter Design

This tool allows designers to select an appropriate ferrite toroid material for common mode filtering applications. The program’s Help file aims designers to the optimal ferrite material, while still allowing the flexibility to accommodate user-chosen part numbers.


Current Transformer Design

This design utility aids the designer in specifying the optimum core based on a variety of different current sensing schemes; including Hall Effect devices, current transformers for switched mode power supplies, and traditional current transformers. Materials offered are Kool Mµ, MPP, ferrites, and strip wound core materials including 3% Si steel and Ni-Fe alloys.


Inductor Design

The MagAmp Designer helps design engineers select the ideal core for magnetic amplifier applications such as secondary output regulation in switched-mode power supplies. The program’s help file details material selection and explains the innovative core and copper loss calculations used to estimate performance and temperature rise.


Selection Guides

Gateway offers a host of facilities to help smooth the flow of products through your production system, by fulfilling some of the pre-production tasks and having the parts ready for immediate insertion or assembly.

Production Kitting:

The correct components suitably labelled, in the correct multiples to match with your build plan. Designed to replace your own pre-production kitting system and let you concentrate on manufacturing and assembly.

Component & Device Services

These include cropping, pre-forming, marking, reeling, moisture sensitivity level packaging, re-baking and programming.

Component Selection Services

These include capacitor tolerance selection and dedicated LED binning.

VMI & KANBAN Supply Solutions

Product delivered directly to your production line-side locations on an agreed weekly frequency by Gateway fulfilment staff bypassing your goods inwards inspection procedures to ensure you never run out of stock, but never carry too much stock either.

Cable Harness Design & Component Assembly Service

Using our in house expertise or our associations with specialist cable and component assembly houses we can integrate this into the rest of our solutions packages to save you time, and money.


Gateway is committed to upholding the quality standards set out in the procedures of the accreditation bodies to which it belongs, but it also prides itself in providing solutions to generic and customer-specific issues where a viable solution can be designed.

Inspection procedures at Gateway performs a rigorous and detailed inwards inspection process to all receipts made into its premises; but will offer customers enhanced inspection support to ensure that additional levels of standards are maintained, including enhanced visual inspection, testing, counting and marking services. Gateway will decant into customer-specified supply multiples; have product reeled or re-reeled; affix customer-specific labelling to product; and if required will house the parts in dedicated customer-specific locations.

Gateway can offer electronic testing services to check for product provenance and integrity as well as offering a service to replace ROHS compliant plating or terminations with SnPb .

All these services are governed by our stringent quality control and inspection procedures.

Within six months of its inception in August 2000, Gateway gained BS EN ISO9001:2000 accreditation, and has since progressed through continual improvement to the new ISO9001:2015 standard. We see it as a testament to its quality systems programme and to its business management and bespoke operating system, developed in house by its team of Quality and Systems Support staff.

To view a copy of the ISO9001:2015 certificate of registration, please click here.