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Fair-rite are a world leading ferrite manufacturer that specialise in two main areas,
Suppression and Power & Inductive components.

Fair-Rite offer a wide range of suppression products designed to help you solve all of your EMI issues, these include, board based components such as EMI suppression beads, surface mount beads (common mode), Multi aperture cores, chip beads, chip arrays and flexible ferrite sheets. They also offer a wide range of cable suppression products including, round and flat EMI suppression cores, Connector suppression plates and Snap-It cores.

Fair-Rite also offer the standard power and inductive ferrite products. The offer a wide range of standard shapes and geometries including Pot, E, EFD, ETD, EER, EP, Planar, PQ, RM and U cores in a range of materials each suited to specific applications. They offer a large range of toroids. By building on their core competencies Fair-Rite are able to offer a range of ferrite rods and bobbins.

Fair-Rite Products Corp. is a family owned business that was formed as a partnership in 1952. With his partners, Edmund Stanwyck and Jack Webb, Richard Parker created Fair-Rite Products Corp. in Wallkill, New York. By 1955, the company was supplying products used in the entertainment electronics industry. Ten years later, in Palestine, Illinois, a new and separate division was established to support the Midwestern television and radio equipment manufacturers.

The company quickly expanded into the rapidly growing EMI suppression market, manufacturing ferrite shield beads. The growing demand lead Fair-Rite into the Medical, Lighting, Automotive, Communication, Aero/Defense, Smart Energy and Industrial Markets.

With locations in New York, Illinois and China, Fair-Rite continues to be on the cutting edge of ferrite technology, expanding its product lines across a broad spectrum of exciting new markets.

Carole Parker was named president in January, 1996. Her strategy for Fair-Rite Products Corp. is to maintain a cost and performance leadership role based on technological superiority, enabling Fair-Rite to aggressively compete in their chosen global markets. Technological superiority is to be achieved by hiring, training, motivating and maintaining a superior work force equipped with the tools that are necessary to achieve the corporate goals.

In June of 2014, daughter of Richard and Carole Parker, Rachael Parker, joined them as their new Vice President. Today, Richard Parker is Chairman of the Board of Directors. He is on-site every day working on special engineering projects.

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