Working from their dedicated facility, ICW have designed and manufactured metallised plastic film capacitors in Wrexham North Wales since 1974. Supplying the industrial, military and professional markets with capacitors for power applications utilising polyester and polypropylene film; ICW have gained a reputation for service which is second to none. The products offered include working voltages of between 63Vdc and 2000Vdc and up to 660Vac. And a range of capacitances which extends from 10nF to 2000uF in a single winding. Windings can be combined to produce significantly higher capacitances. ICW also produces the highly regarded ClarityCap brand of audio grade capacitors which are used extensively in audiophile systems such as loudspeaker crossover circuits; valve amplifier power supplies and signal paths; pre-amplifiers; phono-amplifiers and power conditioners. This range is found extensively in loudspeakers, guitar amplifiers, effects pedals, and even guitars themselves.

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