ITW McMurdo

ITW McMurdo

Within ITW McMurdo wide portfolio, they can ensure that if you want to interact with it, sense it, control it, or switch it, they can fulfil each individual customer requirement.

Their latest technologies ensure that they take you beyond the traditional, single output and input switching, to the state of the art, software driven, intelligent thinking touch sensors, linked to any system of the customers choice.

They have technical in-house design capabilities that harness the overall appreciation of usage acoustic, capacitive and inductive switching ensuring that ITW have the right solution for your individual specification.

They pride themselves in working closely with their customers providing quick solutions to their problems.

ITW McMurdo Connectors has a great history of design innovation in the connector technology. They have then designed, developed and produced a wide range of connectors for a wide spectrum of industries which includes telecommunications, electronics, military and aerospace.

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