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MGT Inductors was established in Taiwan in 1994 and is a listed company in Taiwan Stock Exchange since 2014 with capital of US$11 million. During the past 22 years MGT has evolved to become a full range magnetic components manufacturer and more recently also added circuit protection product into its line. Factories: Currently MGT products are manufactured in the following sites:

  • New Taipei City, Taiwan: R&D and sample run inductor, transformer and wireless charging.
  • Hsinchu, Taiwan: SMD power inductors/RF inductors and common mode choke.
  • Shenzhen, China: Wire wound inductors, PFC Choke.
  • Dong Quang, China: Transformers and wireless charging, AEC-Q200 grade inductor/transformer. Wireless charging module.
  • Chon Qing, China: Moulded inductors, SMD range power inductors
  • Taoyuan, Taiwan: Circuit protection products, TVS, MOV, GDT etc. With AEC-Q200 ready items available.

MGT was launched in 2014 in European market. Their focus is on the higher end, higher power product. Thanks Gateways technical team, MGT is able to offer bespoke inductors/transformers at design-in stage. Over 80% of inquiries to Gateway for MGT products are for new design of inductor and transformer products. For higher power applications MGT offers many solutions including GAN-ready or SiC compatible inductors. The solutions help our customers reduce the product dimension and enhance performance.

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