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2. Users must not submit any data or programme of a disruptive or hazardous nature, including viruses or destructive code, intended to damage or disrupt the functionality of the site. In these circumstances the user may be subject to criminal prosecution.

3. Registered users must take all reasonable precautions to prevent improper use of the system by all users who enter the site under its username and password, regardless of whether the user is authorised to use the site by the member.

4. The following representations and warranties are made to Gateway Electronic Components each time a registered user accesses or uses the site.

5. The site content including text, graphics images, artwork, logo's and trademarks are subject to the copyright laws of the United Kingdom.

6. Site functionality software is the property of Gateway Electronic Components and its contributor associates, and users must not systematically copy or extract code or details from the database by any data retrieval mechanism, including data spiders and robots.

A copy of the Gateway Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale can be downloaded here